Strands of Fading Suns

Ashen Legion III

To Imperial Eye “Handler”:

Unfortunately the captain of the pirate ship we captured had been killed by a sniper. I had to think fast and took on the likeness of the captain to make it appear that the sniper had killed a decoy. This was to ensure success of the next stage of the mission. We decided to take the pirate ship and use it as a way to get into the command and control ship. Thankfully Ankin is quite good at what he does and was able to make the engines appear to be damaged and was able to damage the communications for the ship. I was unable to get the codes from the captain before his head was exploded and had to think quickly to have him mess up the communications. Eventually they had us go to docking bay 2. Ankin headed to engineering, I headed to the armory, and Miguel headed to med bay to secure these areas. Ankin was able to quite easily take control of the ship’s computer which made our jobs a lot easier. Me and my squad were able to take control of the armory and I set up and explosive charge just in case things got harry. Miguel took control of the med bay and was able to rescue the noble that the pirates were holding hostage. . I also had Ankin cut off life-support in the med bay when the pirates went to investigate, unfortunately they still had use of their comms and were able to inform the captain, setting off the intruder alarm and the captain attempted to keep Ankin from killing life support in the bridge. I informed my men at the armory to exit the armory and when the pirates mass there, to set off the detonator to deprive them of weapons. Miguel, myself, and a group of marines headed for the bridge to take control of it. Ankin had the automated defenses in the bridge kill the bridge crew, but somehow the captain survived. The door to the bridge opened and we sent our men in to capture the captain, but he threw a plasma grenade in to their mist and killed them all. I noticed that he had the insignia of House Decados on his uniform and he then attacked me with a nice gash in my armor. Miguel shot the ceiling above him to trap him under debris and I furthered that by shooting a grenade from the grenade launcher in there and running for the bulkhead to have Ankin seal it and kill life support. The men by the armory set off the explosives and what an explosion it was! Unfortunately the Decados agent got away, but we returned back to base. I then contacted you about how Decados was behind the funding of the pirates and provided video. I’ll make sure to produce his body, living or dead, next time…

Agent “Darius”

Pandemonium III
The Space Station

“The Pirate ship has the stink of fear, anguish, and desperation. As we drift to the Pirate Station multitudes of high pitched Klaxons scream at the crew. The multitudes of weaponry poised to obliterate the lone Pirate ship are ready and willing to fire on a moments’ notice.
Fortunately, our wily Ships’ Captain, Darius, (Disguised as a former living Pirate Captain of this ship) was slick enough to fake off comm errors to have us drift in. By the Pancreator!!!, we fooled them, damn it, Darius the Daring does it again!!
Now, I hope all goes well as we sneak in, but what do I fear!??
Darius leads us!!!”, last log in of PVT. Lourdeson, Ashen Legion Boarding Marine, deceased.

“Log in iniated, Engineer Johann Retinal Scan verified…
I am amazed at our Chief’s genius!!!
Damn it, if only I had a fraction of his genius!!
At first I wondered why he pulled out a tech manual?
Roberts Laws or Master Gates or something to that effect?
Chief easily takes over Engineering including Admin, By the PanCreator his Genius!!
Then instructs and aids the other members like the rats they are inthe maze the Chief controls.
I tell ya Ma its a pity the Engineers guild could only look past his idiosyncrasies to truly appreciate his Genius!!

Report Number P0003 Pandemonium Pirates
Miguel Maestro Intelligence Report FileP0003
As you have expected Noble retrieved and Station Neutralized.
Interesting Note, Found a House Decados Noble very difficult to kill and Armed to the teeth including top maket dueling shield.
See attached video.
Coding initiated, Sending message now…

Ashen Legion II

To: Imperial Eye “Handler”:

We headed out in my ship, to the location that the pirate I interrogated and that was further interrogated by the Ashen Legion’s interrogator, I actually felt sort of sorry for the poor bastard, but then again, I don’t. We hid in an asteroid field with my incredible piloting skills avoiding mishap. The pirate ship appeared and we successfully disabled it’s engines. I hooked up my ship to the pirate ship and Miguel and Ankin started the boarding procedures of the pirate ship along with Ashen Legion marines. They eventually secured the ship and even managed to capture the captain. We then headed bake to Pandemonium where the captain was taken in to custody. Unfortunately before I had time to interrogate him. From his ship, we learned that the pirates had a command & control ship. Pretty heavy duty for a bunch of pirates. They must have some sort of backing to have been able to get a command and control ship. I’m sure House Decados is probably behind it! Whoever is in charge, wants us to capture the command and control ship. This should be interesting! I wanted more information from the captain so I went to the police station to interrogate him. Unfortunately, I couldn’t interrogate him effectively since I was constrained by what I can do because of the police. So I had you have the captain released to me. I had Miguel and Ankin go with me to pick the captain up. Unfortunately, we would’ve been ambushed had Miguel not warned us, it’s sorta freaky how he can “sense” stuff but I’ve learned to duck when he gets these “feelings.” The stupid captain decided to run out and got himself killed by the sniper that the was running around. Good head shot too. Had the captain been alive, I would’ve enjoyed killing him slowly for that stunt. I had to get creative and made it seem like the sniper had shot a decoy…

Agent “Darius”

Pandemonium II
The Hub-When Pirates Attack!!!

It all started fine as we captured a pirate freighter.
What went wrong was afterwards.

As a former Intelligence Analyst, there are several markers you look for;
Usually the enemies overall objective is a good start, but (and this usually falls under Counter Intelligence or Plain ol’ Superior Investigating) if the objective and means are already known, then the search for the when begins.
Fortunately for the Ashen Legion, Superior Investigating is my specialty.
Being able to manipulate FATE grants me several advantages, usually having luck on oneside is very helpful, but when the cards are stacked against me from the get go, well that presents problems even i cant handle.
After securing the pirate captain and finding out the Pirates having some form of heavy duty backing, even I can only do so much.
Even if the Pirate Captain is dead under suspicious events.
Several questions remain;
Who are backing the Pirates?
How did they know we had the pirate captain and where he is located?
Who hired and directed the Assassins?
How did Darius have the pirate captàin released in the 1st place?
Lastly, as I left the pirate captain alone with Darius, interesting how he escapes and ends up with a sniper shot to the head, by someone (Darius) who was “chasing” him with a Sniper rifle that can do the same damage?
All I can say is that the last two questions are simply the ramblings of a paranoid Private I,

Ashen Legion I

It’s been a crazy 5 years since the death of Tiberius the Whip. The new leader of the Ashen Legion can’t even fill a half boot of Tiberius. Unfortunately, because of House Decados, we no longer can have a planetary base of operations. So now we have to regain the name of the legion and hopefully, I can expose the treachery of Decados to my handler. I had contacted my old friend Miguel to come on to the Ashen Legion and help rebuild it. To round out our group, we’re assigned an engineer named Ankin. He’s pretty good at what he does.

To Imperial Eye “Handler”:

Our first mission under new management was to meet up at at a bar to get some information about pirate raids on various cargo vessels. While at the bar, we’re attacked by some unsavory people. I ended up destroying the security cameras before I walked out, just have to make sure that I don’t appear on the cameras. We eventually head out on a cargo vessel and were attacked by pirates. We were able to repel their attack and take one prisoner. It came down to one of my favorite things to do and that was to interrogate the prisoner and get some information out of him. There’s nothing like making someone reveal information they don’t want to, watching them squirm in pain and agony. He eventually told us the next target of the pirates and where they’ll be at next.

Agent “Darius”

The Hub

Former location of the Ashen Legion.
The Hub
A major space port upon the planet of Pandemonium.
The Mission
Stop pirates from attacking shipping frigates.
Myself; Miguel;One of the luckiest SOB’s around,P.I. By trade.
Old friend; Darius, a cool and smooth ladiesman pilot.
New guy; Ankin, an odd fellow to be sure, but a wizard with machines; Ship’s Engineer.

We were on the Hub, in the Charioteer’s section, at a bar.
We were meeting some frigate captain and her company rep.
A bar fight started and I realized my Legionnaires are quite bloodthirsty and ended up executing all but one. Sheesh need to decaf or grab a handy message.

Joined the frigate captain’s ship after gettin info from the bar fight.
Investigated the ship and all seemed well and waited for the Pirate assault.
As expected the pirates showed up and the boarding pirates were well armed and armored.
Many died, and my own legionnaires took some serious damage themselves, but we Prevailed!!!
Left one pirate alive for interrogation.
As we reached our location, it was a Major victory on out part.
Mission Accomplished.


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