Strands of Fading Suns

Ashen Legion I

It’s been a crazy 5 years since the death of Tiberius the Whip. The new leader of the Ashen Legion can’t even fill a half boot of Tiberius. Unfortunately, because of House Decados, we no longer can have a planetary base of operations. So now we have to regain the name of the legion and hopefully, I can expose the treachery of Decados to my handler. I had contacted my old friend Miguel to come on to the Ashen Legion and help rebuild it. To round out our group, we’re assigned an engineer named Ankin. He’s pretty good at what he does.

To Imperial Eye “Handler”:

Our first mission under new management was to meet up at at a bar to get some information about pirate raids on various cargo vessels. While at the bar, we’re attacked by some unsavory people. I ended up destroying the security cameras before I walked out, just have to make sure that I don’t appear on the cameras. We eventually head out on a cargo vessel and were attacked by pirates. We were able to repel their attack and take one prisoner. It came down to one of my favorite things to do and that was to interrogate the prisoner and get some information out of him. There’s nothing like making someone reveal information they don’t want to, watching them squirm in pain and agony. He eventually told us the next target of the pirates and where they’ll be at next.

Agent “Darius”



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