Strands of Fading Suns

Ashen Legion II

To: Imperial Eye “Handler”:

We headed out in my ship, to the location that the pirate I interrogated and that was further interrogated by the Ashen Legion’s interrogator, I actually felt sort of sorry for the poor bastard, but then again, I don’t. We hid in an asteroid field with my incredible piloting skills avoiding mishap. The pirate ship appeared and we successfully disabled it’s engines. I hooked up my ship to the pirate ship and Miguel and Ankin started the boarding procedures of the pirate ship along with Ashen Legion marines. They eventually secured the ship and even managed to capture the captain. We then headed bake to Pandemonium where the captain was taken in to custody. Unfortunately before I had time to interrogate him. From his ship, we learned that the pirates had a command & control ship. Pretty heavy duty for a bunch of pirates. They must have some sort of backing to have been able to get a command and control ship. I’m sure House Decados is probably behind it! Whoever is in charge, wants us to capture the command and control ship. This should be interesting! I wanted more information from the captain so I went to the police station to interrogate him. Unfortunately, I couldn’t interrogate him effectively since I was constrained by what I can do because of the police. So I had you have the captain released to me. I had Miguel and Ankin go with me to pick the captain up. Unfortunately, we would’ve been ambushed had Miguel not warned us, it’s sorta freaky how he can “sense” stuff but I’ve learned to duck when he gets these “feelings.” The stupid captain decided to run out and got himself killed by the sniper that the was running around. Good head shot too. Had the captain been alive, I would’ve enjoyed killing him slowly for that stunt. I had to get creative and made it seem like the sniper had shot a decoy…

Agent “Darius”



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