Strands of Fading Suns

Ashen Legion III

To Imperial Eye “Handler”:

Unfortunately the captain of the pirate ship we captured had been killed by a sniper. I had to think fast and took on the likeness of the captain to make it appear that the sniper had killed a decoy. This was to ensure success of the next stage of the mission. We decided to take the pirate ship and use it as a way to get into the command and control ship. Thankfully Ankin is quite good at what he does and was able to make the engines appear to be damaged and was able to damage the communications for the ship. I was unable to get the codes from the captain before his head was exploded and had to think quickly to have him mess up the communications. Eventually they had us go to docking bay 2. Ankin headed to engineering, I headed to the armory, and Miguel headed to med bay to secure these areas. Ankin was able to quite easily take control of the ship’s computer which made our jobs a lot easier. Me and my squad were able to take control of the armory and I set up and explosive charge just in case things got harry. Miguel took control of the med bay and was able to rescue the noble that the pirates were holding hostage. . I also had Ankin cut off life-support in the med bay when the pirates went to investigate, unfortunately they still had use of their comms and were able to inform the captain, setting off the intruder alarm and the captain attempted to keep Ankin from killing life support in the bridge. I informed my men at the armory to exit the armory and when the pirates mass there, to set off the detonator to deprive them of weapons. Miguel, myself, and a group of marines headed for the bridge to take control of it. Ankin had the automated defenses in the bridge kill the bridge crew, but somehow the captain survived. The door to the bridge opened and we sent our men in to capture the captain, but he threw a plasma grenade in to their mist and killed them all. I noticed that he had the insignia of House Decados on his uniform and he then attacked me with a nice gash in my armor. Miguel shot the ceiling above him to trap him under debris and I furthered that by shooting a grenade from the grenade launcher in there and running for the bulkhead to have Ankin seal it and kill life support. The men by the armory set off the explosives and what an explosion it was! Unfortunately the Decados agent got away, but we returned back to base. I then contacted you about how Decados was behind the funding of the pirates and provided video. I’ll make sure to produce his body, living or dead, next time…

Agent “Darius”



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