Strands of Fading Suns


The Hub

Former location of the Ashen Legion.
The Hub
A major space port upon the planet of Pandemonium.
The Mission
Stop pirates from attacking shipping frigates.
Myself; Miguel;One of the luckiest SOB’s around,P.I. By trade.
Old friend; Darius, a cool and smooth ladiesman pilot.
New guy; Ankin, an odd fellow to be sure, but a wizard with machines; Ship’s Engineer.

We were on the Hub, in the Charioteer’s section, at a bar.
We were meeting some frigate captain and her company rep.
A bar fight started and I realized my Legionnaires are quite bloodthirsty and ended up executing all but one. Sheesh need to decaf or grab a handy message.

Joined the frigate captain’s ship after gettin info from the bar fight.
Investigated the ship and all seemed well and waited for the Pirate assault.
As expected the pirates showed up and the boarding pirates were well armed and armored.
Many died, and my own legionnaires took some serious damage themselves, but we Prevailed!!!
Left one pirate alive for interrogation.
As we reached our location, it was a Major victory on out part.
Mission Accomplished.



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