Strands of Fading Suns

Pandemonium III

The Space Station

“The Pirate ship has the stink of fear, anguish, and desperation. As we drift to the Pirate Station multitudes of high pitched Klaxons scream at the crew. The multitudes of weaponry poised to obliterate the lone Pirate ship are ready and willing to fire on a moments’ notice.
Fortunately, our wily Ships’ Captain, Darius, (Disguised as a former living Pirate Captain of this ship) was slick enough to fake off comm errors to have us drift in. By the Pancreator!!!, we fooled them, damn it, Darius the Daring does it again!!
Now, I hope all goes well as we sneak in, but what do I fear!??
Darius leads us!!!”, last log in of PVT. Lourdeson, Ashen Legion Boarding Marine, deceased.

“Log in iniated, Engineer Johann Retinal Scan verified…
I am amazed at our Chief’s genius!!!
Damn it, if only I had a fraction of his genius!!
At first I wondered why he pulled out a tech manual?
Roberts Laws or Master Gates or something to that effect?
Chief easily takes over Engineering including Admin, By the PanCreator his Genius!!
Then instructs and aids the other members like the rats they are inthe maze the Chief controls.
I tell ya Ma its a pity the Engineers guild could only look past his idiosyncrasies to truly appreciate his Genius!!

Report Number P0003 Pandemonium Pirates
Miguel Maestro Intelligence Report FileP0003
As you have expected Noble retrieved and Station Neutralized.
Interesting Note, Found a House Decados Noble very difficult to kill and Armed to the teeth including top maket dueling shield.
See attached video.
Coding initiated, Sending message now…



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