Ankin Wrider

Gifted Engineer with tendency to "mad" bleeding edge technology


Agility: 2
Endurance: 3
Perception: 4
Strength: 3

Craft: 4
Knowledge: 3
Reasoning: 3
Willpower: 2

Deception: 1
Empathy: 1
Persuasion: 1
Resource: 3

Defining Aspects: Gifted Engineer
Other Aspects:
Member Ashen Company
“The guild is son Conservative” (Member of the Engineering Guild, but Secretly Sanctioned)
“The Human form is starting point to godhood” (minor addition to cyber implants)
Guilible (easily taken advantage of)

Speciality Aspect
Nightvision (perception) – Cybereyes
“I can fixed that with a paper clip” (Craft)
“I’ll fix this problem for you, but I need your lab” (resource)
“Out of favor with the Engineering Guild” (persuasion or resource)
“Straight shooter” (Deception)
Unilimited mods Cybereyes (resource)

Gear Head— You gain +2 bonus on Craft roll for repair or modify vechicle
Experienced X2
“I’ve got just the thing”— carry a number of gadgets and tools (spend FP and get +2 craft)
CyberTech Engineer – +2 to craft
Mechanical Engineer – +2 to craft
Cybereyes- Nightvision power (spend FP)

Computer kit
repair kits
hand-held computer

Weapons: Gravitic baton (4 damage)
Weapons: light Laser pistol (
6 damage, range 3)
Armor: Chain mail (ar 2, +4 stress)

Refresh: 8


Ankin Wrider

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