Decimus (Darius) Hawkwood


Name: Decimus Hawkwood
Alias: Darius

Size Class:0
TL: 6 (Fading Suns)
Power Level: Mythic
Refresh: 6

Stress Track: 5
Agility: 4
Endurance: 3
Perception: 2
Strength: 2

Stress Track: 4
Craft: 1
Knowledge: 2
Reasoning: 2
Willpower: 2

Stress Track: 6
Deception: 4
Empathy: 2
Persuasion: 4
Resources: 2

Character Aspects
Defining Aspect: Space Legion Ace Fighter Pilot
-He has a major distrust for House Decados
-Saved the life of Alexius during the Emperor War
-Knows Miguel Maestro (Angel’s character)
-After completion of service with the Emperor’s Eye, he’ll be granted land rights on Delphi and the
title of Lord
-Serving as an Emeror’s Eye embedded within the Ashen League, this is his current assignment [BONUS]
-Hawkwood noble born in the Anschok City Region on Delphi [BONUS]

Specialty Aspects
-Ace Pilot: Agility
-Sneaky Like a Ninja: Agility
-One shot, one kill: Agility [BONUS]
-I failed in arts & crafts: Craft
-Ladies’ Man: Persuasion
-Good liar to maintain his cover as an agent of the Emperor’s Eye: Deception
-Able to obtain resources as a member of the Emperor’s Eye: Resources [BONUS]

-Deadly Grace (1): You may substitute Agility for Strength when fighting unarmed or using a melee
-Fly Boy (1): You gain a +2 bonus on rolls to pilot an aerial vehicle or space craft, or you may
grant that bonus to your vehicle when it needs to make rolls.
-Grace Under Fire (1): You gain a +2 on rolls for initiative during physical conflicts.
-Takes One to Know One (1): Substitute Deception for Empathy when trying to determine if another
person is lying.
-Weapon Specialist (1): Projectile firearms: Select a category of weapons. You gain a +1 bonus on
all attack rolls with a weapon of that category. You may take this Advantage multiple times, each
time you must select a different weapon category. The categories are unarmed attacks, light
blades, heavy blades, bludgeoning weapons, polearms & spears, bows and crossbows, beam firearms,
projectile firearms, or explosives.
-Alias (2): You have another identity, an alias. You might be an undercover cop, a secret spy, an
international assassin, etc. When you purchase this Advantage you gain a new Character Aspect and
two new Specialty Aspects related to your new identity. These new Aspects are in addition to
your normal allotment of Aspects and function like any other Aspect.
-At Home Behind the Wheel (2): You know how to get the most out of your vehicle, pushing it to its
limits. You may spend one of your Fate Points to make a single Aspect owned by the vehicle you are
driving or piloting persistent, for you only, for the duration of the scene.
-Experienced (4): You gain 20 Experience Points you can spend in any way. See SoF pg. 29 for more on
spending Experience Points. This Advantage is special in that, with the GM’s permission, characters
of the Commoner or Expert Power Level can take this Advantage. If purchased as an Expert Advantage,
Experienced costs 1 Advantage Point, but only grants 10 XP. Bought 2x
-High Born (2): You are a member of an influential noble house, and you have the authority to
represent your house in official matters. You gain a new Character Aspect to reflect your
relationship to your house, company, etc. In addition, you gain a +1 bonus (or +1 Edge) on
Persuasion rolls when interacting with those of “lesser status”.


Decimus was born to the Hawkwood high court on Delphi. His parents own a palace in the Anschok City Region. Unfortunately for Decimus, he is not the oldest male in his family and is not entitled to the castle and the lands of his parents. He has 3 older brothers and 1 younger sister. He eventually decided to go into the Hawkwood military where he excelled as a space fighter pilot. Then the Emperor War broke out and he was assigned to one of the escort squadrons for Alexius’ flagship. They were ambushed by a Decados fleet. They were greatly outnumbered by Decados fighters. The squadron had been all but annihilated, but he fought on and was able to repulse the enemy fighters preventing them from destroying Alexius’ flagship. Alexius had noticed Decimus’ valor and had invited him to a ceremony to present an award for his valor. The ceremony hid Alexius’ main goal. His goal was he wanted Decimus to serve as one of his Emperor’s Eys. He explained what it is that they Eyes do and how important it was that he had someone that he can trust within the organization. Decimus agreed to be one of Alexius’ Eyes and as a reward, Alexius promised him the title of lord and lands on Delphi once he finishes his service with the Emperor’s Eye.

His current assignment with the Emperor’s Eye is to work within the Ashen Legion. While on this assignment, one of the members who was from House Decados had accidentally blown himself up with a grenade, however Decados believes that he was killed and has tried to take down the Ashen Legion behind the scenes. It is unknown if Decados had a hand in or if one of the members who was a Battle Brother was actually crazy, for he had caused major issues within the Ashen League and caused many deaths because old tech had been found and he had decided to keep it, against the wishes of the Inquisition and his Battle Brother commander. He went crazy and since then, the Ashen legion has been trying to rebuild their respectability. Decimus (Darius) decided to contact his friend Miguel to try and help the Ashen Legion regain their respectability.

Decimus (Darius) Hawkwood

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