Miguel Maestro, "The Master of FATE"

Private Investigator for the Ashen Legion thats' been Blessed by FATE.


A distinguished looking hispanic male with a fair build and average height. His short black hair, mustache, and goatee is well trimmed . Miguel wears a fine black and charcoal grey suit with matching shirt, tie, and trench coat. His stylish black business fedora is usually slightly tipped to the side as his cigarette hangs to the side of his mouth.
Perceptive folks can spot the twin shoulder holster gauss pistols, both when drawn, resemble nickle-plated 45’s.

Miguel Maestro, Master of FATE

Size Class: 0
TL: 6 (Fading Suns)
Power Level: Mythic
Refresh: 9

Perception 4
Agility 4
Strength 2
Endurance 2

Craft 1
Knowledge 3
Reason 4
Willpower 2

Deception 2
Empathy 2
Persuasion 2
Resources 2

Character Aspects:

1. (Defining)  Freelance,StreetWise, Fate Touched, Private Investigator

2. Former Imperial Eye Intelligence Analyst

3. Blessed by the Prophet of FATE

4. Investigating Liaison of the Ashen Legion

5. Friend of Decimus Hawkwood
(Alias: Darius)

6. [Bonus] UnCanny Luck

7. [Bonus] Guns Akimbo(P)

Specialty Aspects:

1. Master of FATE (P) [Perception]

2. Master of Investigation [Reason]

3. Master of Self [Willpower]

4.  Master of Others [Persuasion]

5. Master of Style [Resources]



Miguel Maestro came from a poor Hazat family and spent much of his time on the streets and in school hitting the books. He always wanted to get his family out of the ghettos.
Therefore, Miguel scored high in the exams and went into Military Intelligence within the Hazat military. Miguel was trained as any soldier in the Hazat army, but then something amazing happened one fateful day.
On a routine escort mission, Miguel thought he knew the target, but couldn’t get a good look at him due to the heavy robes he wore, but felt a strong holy affinity from him.
Then all of a sudden a strange man with unholy energies about his eyes and mouth fired dark purple beams at the target. Miguel threw himself before his target taking the rays.
The holy man disrobed himself and simply looked at his unholy antimonist opponent and uttered one simple word, “duck”.
Suddenly two RPG’s were propelled from behind the antimonist and he was blown into smithereens. 
Then, the holy man, actually a Prophet of FATE, took Miguel’s hand and stood him up and Blessed him for saving his life, filling him with (Holy)Energies to manipulate FATE.
Miguel had then checked himself and realized the rays had vaporized the armor, but not him.
The Prophet laughed and said, “you truly are The Master of FATE”.
From that day, Miguel received a medal for bravery and was accepted into the Imperial Eye as an Intelligence Analyst.
Though the Prophet of FATE disappeared, Miguel knew he was somewhere out in the Universe doing good.
Miguel served the Imperial Eye for several years and was not paid much, but he was able to get his family out of the ghetto and into a nice residence with jobs in the Guild World of LeagueHeim.
Miguel put his time in the Imperial Eye, but was tired of serving those he felt were not worthy and he was not paid very well.
So it dawned upon Miguel to retire and start a Freelance Private Investigation business.
He had several clients and did reasonably well. 
Yet, spying for the Noble’s had paid well, but was sleazy.
Luckily, Miguel was contacted by an old friend from back in the day, Decimus Hawkwood,who now works for a Mercenary Company, to act as an Investigating Liaison.

And so he Accepted…….

Miguel Maestro, "The Master of FATE"

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