Noble Houses

There are five major Noble Houses within the Known Worlds. There are:




Li Halan


These five houses were the ones that remained in power of the Emperor Wars and Vladimirs ascension to the throne.

There are also several minor houses, alomost all of whom owe some fealty to a major House. Each of these houses are detailed in Lords of the Known Worlds.

House Juandaastas mainly on Criticorum and Gwynneth

House Justinian mainly on Midian

House Keddah mainly on Grail

House Masseri mainly on Leminkainen and Cadavus

House Shelit on Hira

House Thana with no power base (Not even on Eridol)

House Torenson with no power base

House Trusnikron mainly on Ravenna and Cadavus

House Van Gelder mainly on Malignatus and Cadiz

House Xanthippes mainly on Luna, Holy Terra, Aragon, and Cadavus

There are more lesser houses, often only holding power on one world. Unlike the previous houses, there is little actual canonical information on these houses, beyond their names and where they hold fiefs.

Basque on Cadiz

Cameton on Byzantium Secundus

House Chauki on Iver

D’Rogue Glace on Rampart

The De Moley on De Moley

Dunama on Istakhr

Gilgar on Pandemonium

Lambeth on Byzantium Secundus

Ramakrishna on Hagard and Shaprut

Sacrananka on Byzantium Secundus

Setevis on Byzantium Secundus

Vasalayana on Leminkainen

There are three houses believed to have become extinct.

House Alecto

House Gesar

House Windsor

Noble Houses

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