Strands of Fading Suns

Pandemonium II

The Hub-When Pirates Attack!!!

It all started fine as we captured a pirate freighter.
What went wrong was afterwards.

As a former Intelligence Analyst, there are several markers you look for;
Usually the enemies overall objective is a good start, but (and this usually falls under Counter Intelligence or Plain ol’ Superior Investigating) if the objective and means are already known, then the search for the when begins.
Fortunately for the Ashen Legion, Superior Investigating is my specialty.
Being able to manipulate FATE grants me several advantages, usually having luck on oneside is very helpful, but when the cards are stacked against me from the get go, well that presents problems even i cant handle.
After securing the pirate captain and finding out the Pirates having some form of heavy duty backing, even I can only do so much.
Even if the Pirate Captain is dead under suspicious events.
Several questions remain;
Who are backing the Pirates?
How did they know we had the pirate captain and where he is located?
Who hired and directed the Assassins?
How did Darius have the pirate captàin released in the 1st place?
Lastly, as I left the pirate captain alone with Darius, interesting how he escapes and ends up with a sniper shot to the head, by someone (Darius) who was “chasing” him with a Sniper rifle that can do the same damage?
All I can say is that the last two questions are simply the ramblings of a paranoid Private I,


Good post Angel, but I think you’re date is incorrect…June 2012 lol

Pandemonium II

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